Wednesday, 27 October 2010

It all goes by so quickly

I was just sent this link which may interest some of you. It includes the electric sheep podcast to listen to while sipping a cuppa and knitting away.

Progress on the cloak has slowed down somewhat as I am in the middle of producing 400 pieces of glass for a commission. I must be into a numbers phase at the moment, 6in squares, 4in glass.....anyway. The knitters at the Blue House have all come up trumps as usual and given me at least a dozen more woadie squares. I still marvel over the nuances of the shades produced by such an ordinary leaf. Sadly, I have had to give up dyeing for the season as I have run out of leaves for now. Next year I would like to be a little more methodical and perhaps write down what I do to produce the different shades and see if I can produce a larger quantity of one colour, thankfully I will have all winter to think about it.
There is of course a lot of other knitting going on and Diane has made a beautiful triangular blue scarf in a mix of mohair, silk or something similar anyway lovely, soft and glam. I tried to take a picture last week but ended up with lots of blurry photos so sorry, may have to try again. Sylvia mentioned that her husband is trying to find out more about Molly of the Woad, hopefully he will be more successful than I have been. More teddies have been collected and Wendy will contact Wendy at some point to arrange to have them picked up. Below is a picture of a baby jacket knitted by Sara and some toys by Gwen