Saturday, 27 November 2010

Wendy's knitting tips


1. If you forget which row you are on when knitting an item with
    a  two row pattern which is nearly similar both sides,
   remember that the loose end left on the needle when you cast
   on will always be the first row.

2. If you cannot buy the same dye lot of wool all at the same time
    before you begin your project, then work the borders such as
   cuffs or collars in the odd lot, as it is less likely to show if it is a
   slightly different shade.

3. Always try to buy the additional materials you require for your
   knitted project (such as zippers) at the same time as buying the
   obvious. ( wool and knitting needles)Buttons are usually best
   left to be chosen after the garment is finished so that you can
  get a sense of size and the most appropriate design.