Friday, 7 January 2011

Blue Threads fundraising event - March 20th

From ancient Celtic and Roman history, to the middle ages with weaving and dyeing blue cloth in Frome, to the iconic fashion of blue jeans, the thread between these seemingly unrelated elements is Woad - the European Indigo plant.
On March 20th 2011 we are organising an afternoon of free activities and teas at Rook Lane Chapel for everyone between the ages of 2 and 92 to come and enjoy.
There will be face painting and drawing with Celtic symbols, 'give it a go' demonstrations in weaving, spinning and knitting or making embellishments for your blue jeans, perhaps a few games in Latin? Also, a wonderful, story telling session to enthrall adults and children alike, which revolves around a 'Cloak of Invisibility' .

What is all this about you may ask? well, 3 years ago, Michael, speculated that the cloak of invisibility apparently mentioned by the Romans and Celts might have been dyed with woad.
Last September at the 3 day Garden Show at the Shepton Showgrounds, Carolyn dyed hanks of donated English wool, in shades of blue using woad. Since then, over the past few months, the Blue House Knitter & Natterers have been making hundreds of squares that have been joined to make the cloak of invisibility which Michael will be wearing during the event but which of course you may not see!! We hope to raise funds from this event for the Frome Open Story Tellers charity as it seems a natural fit.
Food Frome will be serving teas, juices and a selection of savoury bites and sweet delights from across the centuries. From the Romano Celtic period there will be spelt bread or oat and barley cakes to spread with a Roman soft cheese dip. Then there will be blue cheese scones, Alexandrine dates, gingerbread, chocolate cake and Victoria sponge with blueberry
During the event we will be running a raffle and we have already received a number of donations including items by the Royal Navy, and a beautiful silver necklace by Christina Oswin a local jewellery maker. At the end of the event, we really hope that you will have enjoyed yourself and that you will choose to give a donation to Frome Open Storytellers Charity
We are really looking forward to making this a fun community event for everyone.